Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Where did October go?

Boy this month went fast!  Tomorrow is the last day of the month.  When we were on vacation this summer we saw a band called Fun.  They are great in concert.  The band to open for them was Walk the Moon.  Well I told my son if Walk the Moon came near us we would go.  So, tomorrow night we are going to see them in Madison.  Tickets were cheap and even though it is a school night, I think it will be a fun time. :)

So what have I been working on?

I made this Midi bag for my friend for her birthday.  It's a very easy pattern and fun to do.

And I started a new scrappy project.  I am taking pictures as I go.  I hope this is a new pattern and is something I can do a tutorial on. :)  It will be all scraps.

I counted my quilt tops and I have 6 to finish.  Hope to find the time soon to get at least one done.

What are you working on?


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