Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How is my WIP list coming along?

I finished 5 things last night.  One item was not on my list as it is a gift for my boss.  I will post a picture of it after Thursday.

this is my list from earlier this year:

Here is my WIP list:

Ragged squares quilt- quilt and bind

Yellow Brick Road lap quilt-bind

Baby quilt-bind

10-Triple Zip bags (why 10?-I bought 30 zippers for these and want to finish them all)

Table topper for my sister-quilt and bind

set of coasters for my sister

Lap quilt for my friend-using up fabric from the rag quilt
Really!  I have finished a lot! I am going to do some searching and make an updated list.  The Ragged Squares quilt is high on my list to get done next, but before that I have to make a gift for a friend. 
The triple zip bags will be permanently taken off the list.  I made one and found I do not like it at all.  Now I will have to come up with some new things to make with all the zippers I bought! :)
What your you working on?  Do you make gifts for Christmas?

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