Monday, July 25, 2016

2 updates in a week?


Well, I have another quilt top to show you.  My Godchild is getting married Sept 3.  I am buying a gift but I thought a quilt would be special too.  I was 15 when she was born.  I can't believe she is getting married.  So excited! 
A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Jeni Baker at one of her fabric launch parties.  She is a great girl. So sweet.  I just loved all of her fabrics.  She has decided not to create fabric any longer but is big into making patterns.  Last year she came out with a book, Patchwork Essentials-The Half Square Triangle.  I just love this book.  Sometimes it is hard to decide on a pattern.  And I am always looking for easy!  I started this quilt on Friday.  It's her pattern Opposites Attract.

I found 84 different fabrics to make 168 blocks.  Sara was born in 1985 so I will use a different color for the back to give me 85 fabrics in this quilt.
I was able to finish this last night.  It was a great process and I will be making more just like it.  Is it sad that I have 85 different fabric scraps?  I could probably make 5 of these quilts and still not run out of fabric. 
I will be quilting this on my home sewing machine.  Wish me luck!


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Not very good at this Blogging thing

Hello friends

I am sorry I am not very good at this.  Many times I have wanted to delete everything and just pretend I was never on here.  Life sometimes gets in the way of creativity.  I am not complaining at all.  I have been blessed so much to have my parents still here.  With my father in the nursing home and my mother not driving my family has had to do a lot of running.  Thankfully my son is home from college and is taking a lot if not all of the appointments and shopping for mom and visiting dad.
I have tried to be creative and get in my sewing room to sew, but my son has all of his dorm room items in my sewing space at the moment.  Again, not complaining.  Glad he is home for the summer.  I was able to do some fast sewing in June.  My friend got married in the middle of June so of course 2 weeks before the wedding I decided I should make her a quilt.  This quilt took 31/2 hours to put together.  My longarmer finished it in record time too.  I was finishing the binding on the Friday night before the wedding.  This is another Birch Bark Quilt. Pattern by Sam Hunter.

I actually put a border in this one.  The brides colors where black and purple so I went with a Bali pop in those colors.
I also made another quilt during the making of this one.  I can not show you it yet though because it is a wedding gift for my sister.  She will be married a month from today!  So excited for them!
Hope you are having a great summer!