Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Midi Bag

Have you seen the Mondo bag?  It's a pattern by M.P "Mattie" Rhoades for Quiltsmart.  I have seen the Mondo bag and it's big!  It was appealing to me because it uses scraps.  When I first saw it I thought it was too big for my needs.  Then I found the Midi Bag!!!

This is just the right size!  My sister wanted a bag to put her knitting in so I made this for her.  I used all scraps!  The pattern comes with enough interfacing for two bags.  The interfacing is marked with a grid.  All you do is line up your 2 1/2 inch squares and press.  Then you sew them together.  I was a little confused when sewing the L shapes but if you take your time and really read the directions (I guess I should have done that first) it is easy.  The handles are supposed to be yardage but I thought the scrappy looked better.  It uses 108 squares.  Luckily no cutting for me.  I just grabbed my 2 1/2 in box and picked out 108 of them.  There are only a few of the same squares.

I like to take my finished projects in to work.  Well, today everyone wanted one of these bags.  I am going to make another one for a friend and then make some to sell.  I had to run to the local quilt store today and they had never heard of the Mondo bag.  I bet the next time I am in there they will have the pattern and the interfacing.

Hope you are having a blessed week.  It's amazing how I can write a blog about my failures in sewing and then find the urge and time to actually accomplish something.


*I am not a paid spokesperson.  The opinions are my own.

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