Monday, January 30, 2017

Happy Monday!

Hello Friends!

Hope you are all doing well.  I have a lot of quilts going right now.  I need to buckle down and finish something.

I started the Moda Be My Neighbor quilt.  Here are a few of the blocks that I have finished. 
I am using only scraps for this quilt.  Bear Creek Quilts wanted everyone to post their finished quilt by tomorrow.  Not going to make that deadline. 
I am also working on a pinwheel quilt for my neighbors and I just started this quilt late last week:
This quilt has 2000 pieces.  Yep, I am crazy.  But what a good way to use up scraps.  I love the process she uses with 3 inch squares.  However, you must be very careful when you are cutting out the triangles.  Yep,  I sliced the corner of my finger and took off part of my nail while cutting these out yesterday.  Going to take a break from quilting for a couple days while it heals.  I did not go to the doctor for stitches because there was nothing to stitch.  I think I need to invest in some metal gloves.
This week's challenge for Project Quilting 8.3 is Tune in to Texture.  I am stumped but I will do some looking around this week to see if anything appeals to me.  Depending on how my finger is healing we will see if I am able to do a quilt this week.
I am really going to work on finishing a project or two next month.  Since I am out of commission with my finger injury, I think I will organize my sewing space and see exactly how many UFOs I have.
What are you working on?

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  1. Ouch!! I know how much that hurts because I sliced off part of my thumb a couple of years ago and it's not fun!! I feel as though I've got quilter's ADD right now too and haven't been able to finish anything bigger than a 24" wall quilt lately. I'm itching to finish something big but I keep getting sidetracked with things such as this Project Quilting business. :-). Your blocks are beautiful by the way and can't wait to see the whole thing sewn up.