Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sewing Hiatus

Sorry for the delay folks!  I have not been sewing much of anything.  My parents are ill and my sister and I have had to help them.  Not sure when I will be back to sewing like I was but I hope it's soon.  I really am missing it.  I just haven't had time to get everything out and work on a project.  Hopefully by the end of summer things will settle down and I will have time to sew up some new patterns I have wanted to try.

I have been helping my friend Marilyn make items for her store.  Check out Gracie's Nest on Facebook and Etsy.  I made the dog bandanas. :)  And a few other items.  If it has a zipper I probably installed it.  It's a great store with lots of fun items.

I have taken the month off of doing the doll quilt swap on facebook too.  I really thought I would miss it more than I do.  It was just another thing I didn't really have time for.  I have made some lovely quilts but I know I can do better.  I hung my quilts up and here is a picture of them.  I am missing one from the November swap but she is behind.

I love each one so much.  It was a lot of fun but I think I will try to finish the 3 quilt tops I have.  Stay tuned for more pictures of those.

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  1. Life sure has a way of re-arranging your plans doesn't it? Focus on what you need to focus on... Everything else will still be there when you can come back to it. :-)