Monday, February 2, 2015

Little things

Hello friends,
I have been on technology overload for a couple weeks now.  I broke down and got a smart phone.  So I'm trying to learn  how to sync everything.  I'm not doing to well.  You see I have multiple accounts on everything, Facebook, blogger, pinterest. It hasn't been easy to make all of this work.  So before I show you so pictures of what I have been making I want to let toy know I now have instagram and you can follow me @theturquoisebutton. 
I have had a little bit of time to sew.  I lost a lovely fellow sewist and friend last week.  She was 91 and had a great life.  Her daughter is my coworker and she blessed me with her fabric stash.  I can't wait to tear into it.
So when I had time I sewed a little.  A friend asked me to make some coin purses for her kids.  She wanted them for their lunch boxes.  I decided to use oilcloth and I think they turned out pretty good.
Then I made a jewelry roll for a coworkers birthday but the picture wasn't that great.  Then my boss found a pattern for those big blue Ikea bags.  Since I had a big piece of the oil cloth left I decided to make one for her to try out for me.  She wanted to pay me but I really want her to be the tester.  Sometimes if you sew too much on oilcloth you can tear it so I want her to try it and let me know how it holds up.
Then I thought I would try my hand at paper piecing.  I have done some EPP(English Paper Piecing) and I really like it but I had never done Foundation Paper Piecing before.  My friend Charisma was doing the Wild and Goosey pattern by Bonnie Hunter in the Quiltermaker Magazine.  I decided to get the pattern and print off the papers. Bonnie has the best patterns.  Please check out her I love it!  I could teach a class on this if asked.  It is so fun and an easy way to get crisp creases.  The pieces are small, I am only using 2 inch squares for most of it.  The 2 big corners are 3 inch squares.  The finished block is only 3 1/2 inches.  I have a lot to make (320) but I am using scraps and just doing a few here and there.
What are you working on?  Do you ever see something from a blog you follow and decide you would like to try that?  How do you get your ideas?

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  1. The coin purse and Ikea bag are so cool! I tried paper-piecing and do like it, but I find it so time consuming! Your little block looks good! As far as ideas, I find them all over the place... Blogs I follow, Pinterest and Instagram mostly. I have to stop myself sometimes because the inspiration is just everywhere!