Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Swoon blocks 2 and 3 in no particular order...

Here are two more Swoon blocks.  I worked 3 hours on Sunday and 3 hours yesterday.  I have gotten everything cut out and into bags.  I am just doing one block at a time.  They sure do take a while.  I really am enjoying the process though.  I am not sure about doing all 9 for a big quilt or if I will just do 6 for a good lap size.  I will know more when I finish all of them and see how they all look together.

I am getting better at squaring things up though.  I am really taking my time and pressing more.

On another note.  Friday at the Sewcial Lounge in Madison Wi, Jeni Baker from her blog In Color Order will be having a new fabric line launch party.  Her new fabric is called Nordika and I just love it!  I cannot wait to meet her! 
Hope you are having a blessed week!


  1. Love your blocks Amy! I know what you mean about these blocks taking a long time to put together. But hey are so worth it! I think I might make all 9 blocks, use 6 in a lap size quilt for the couch and then make 3 pillows with the remaining blocks. What do you think?

    1. Hi Izzy!
      Thanks for your comments. I think that is a great idea! As uneven as some of my blocks are pillows may be in order. :) I did finish 2 more last night. The last one went better because I actually squared up the 3 7/8 inch blocks. I had cut them to 4 and was just trying to center them but it wasn't working. Live and learn. Have a great day! Can't wait to see your blocks. :)