Thursday, January 24, 2019

PQ 10.2 Red, White and Blue

Hello friends!

This weeks challenge for Project Quilting 10.2 is Red, White and Blue.  Those were the only colors you could use.  I was actually just going to pass on making this but at the last minute I had what I thought was a good idea.  I decided to make a small modern quilt.  I had my navy fabric out from doing my word of the year and so I cut right into it.  This little gem is 12x12.

I am calling this 'Plaid'.  I did straight line quilting in the center in white and decided to do the same the other way in blue.  It needed something in the blue areas so red thread was the choice.  I think it pops!

I am linking up to Project Quilting here.
Voting opens this Sunday.  I would appreciate your vote.



  1. I'm glad you decided to participate - this quilt is beautiful! Isn't it funny how sometimes our brains have other plans for us with these challenges? (Mine kept yelling at me to make a pencil pouch...something I've never even considered before!)

  2. Such a fun quilt and the quilting is perfect

  3. I really like this! The red quilting lines are the perfect touch!

  4. so glad you joined in! The quilting adds so much ;) It's a great piece!

  5. The quilting is perfect! On behalf of the FAL crew, congrats on the finish and thanks for joining in!