Monday, September 14, 2015

Quilt Expo and New Adventures

Hello Friends,

On August 27, we moved my son to Milwaukee.  It was a long day but the start of a new fun adventure for him and for me too.  He is on the 13th floor so we had to take the stairs after moving the carts of stuff in though the elevator.  That's a chore when you have asthma.  But we did it!

He was so tired when we left.  But he seems to get along well with his roommate and is going to classes.  Right now he has a cold.  It has been cooler here and with lack of sleep and not eating good he caught something.  I hope it's just a bug and will be gone soon.
The Wisconsin Quilt Expo was this past weekend.  I didn't win any ribbons but I am just honored to have been involved with this.  On Friday, my sister and I went to the expo to see my quilt.
Here I am!  It was so cool talking to people about it.  On Saturday I went to pick up the quilt and was able to spend a couple hours there.  I only spent a little money because I already have too much.  When I walked in Nancy Zieman from Sewing with Nancy was at the WPT booth.  I asked her to sign my letter telling me my quilt was accepted.  She did so and we chatted for a bit.  It is always an honor to see her.
I got so many wonderful ideas at the expo.  I even have an idea for a new quilt for next expo.
This week I am working on finishing my Ragged Squares Quilt.  Amanda Jean is the pattern maker.  She has a blog Crazy Mom Quilts.  I found out at the expo that she is the guest speaker for the Mad City Quilt Guild at the end of this month.  So I am trying to finish it and I will see if she can sign the label on it.  I am so excited to meet her.  I read her blog all the time.  Check it out!
Other than that I am trying to finish some other WIPs that have been around too long.  I want to start a Halloween quilt and a Christmas quilt.  Stay tuned for that.
How many quilts do you keep?  Do you have a hard time giving them away?  I do.

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  1. Sounds like you've been busy! Hope your boy is feeling better. I don't keep many of my quilts - I love to give them away to people who will love them and use them.