Monday, September 29, 2014

September-National Sewing Month that wasn't

Hello Friends!

I hope you have had a great September.  Things here are not so creative.  I really wanted a month of sewing, you know 10-15 minutes a day.  But alas, I have not much to report.  With illness for me and my family it was hard to find the time to sew.  Too much of a mess and too much to do.  Have you ever wanted to do so much that it gets overwhelming?  You don't know where to start?  I am at a cross-roads right now.  I have the urge to pack it all away and forget I ever sewed.  Mainly because there is just too much.  I know I should take it a project at a time and I am really going to try to do just that.

My son is a Senior this year and we just booked our first college tour.  It is scary and exciting. :)  This year is going to go so fast I just want to take in all of the days and cherish each of them.  But I can still find time to be creative right?

So new goal for myself is this.  When I am in the mood to sew or even play with fabric I will do it.  I am going to force myself to cut out projects so I can just grab something and sew.  Besides the Doll Quilt Swap on Facebook I am going to make at least one project on my list.  Now my list is large and there are some big things on it.  But I also have some smaller projects that just need to get done.

Also I will blog more.  I will use this blog as my place to show and share my progress.  Good or bad.  I really do have a great support system at home and work but I can always use more cheerleaders.  How do you stay motivated?  Is it harder for you to find the time when the weather is amazing?

So I will leave you with this little finish.  It was for my swap partner this month.  I just love the Lil Twister tool! If you haven't used it yet you should!  I love what it does to charms.


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